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Sunday 25 August 2019



Civic Theatre Lawns

1800 – 2000

Welcome Reception

Civic Theatre, Wagga Wagga

Monday 26 August 2019

0730 – 1700


Civic Theatre Lawns

Opening Plenary

Civic Theatre

Session Chair
0830 – 0835

Introduction and Welcome

Yuwin ngadhi Mark Saddler ngurrigiilang Wiradjuri gibirr

Mark Sadler, Proud Wiradjuri Man

0835 – 0845 Welcome to Country
0845 – 0900

Official Conference Opening

Hon Michael McCormack MP, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Leader of The Nationals & Federal Member for Riverina

0900 – 0945

Keynote Presentation

Hugh Bradlow, President of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

0945 – 1030

Use of farmer data for closing yield and input gaps

Dr. Patricio Grassini, Associate Professor of Agronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)

1030 – 1100

Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

Concurrent Session 1 – Crop Agronomy

Civic Theatre

Concurrent Session 2 – Soil Management and Constraints

Civic Theatre, Upper Level

Concurrent Session 3 – Crop Physiology and Breeding

Historical Council Chambers

Concurrent Session 4 – Enabling and Disruptive Technologies

Playhouse Theatre

Session Chair Dr John Kirkegaard Jason Condon A/Prof Daniel Tan Dr Andrew Moore
1100 – 1115

Evaluating wheat, barley and oats for early sowing in frost prone landscapes in Western Australia Wickepin 2017 and 2018

Dr Ben Biddulph

Promoting soil health in dryland agriculture by increasing cropping intensity

Dr Alwyn Williams

Management of early sown wheat: matching genotype to environment

A/Prof James Hunt

Validation of novel in-field monitoring techniques to assist harvest aid timing in cotton

Dr Michael Bange

1115 – 1130

Yield responses to sowing date of wheat in southern NSW: one cultivar doesn’t fit all

Dr Felicity Harris

A guidance document for agronomic best practice soil sampling in Australia

Dr Cameron Gourley

Comparing the yield of reduced tillering wheat genotypes at different sowing densities

Dr Andrew Fletcher

A spatially distributed on-farm experimental approach for the development of a sensor-based nitrogen decision model

Dr André Colaço

1130 – 1145

A survey of winter crop establishment in the southern and western regions

A/Prof Glenn McDonald

Improving the adoptability of spading practices in constrained sandy soil environments

Dr Jack Desbiolles & Chris McDonough

Assessing frost damage in a set of historic wheat varieties using a passive heating system

Dr Ariel Ferrante

An estimate of carrying capacity of land for ruminant livestock production across southern Australia, using gridded batch simulation modelling

Dr Dean Thomas

1145 – 1200

Quinoa agronomy in Western Australia

Dr Harmohinder Dhammu

Waterlogging effects on soils and wheat crops in the high rainfall zone of Victoria

Dr Fiona Robertson

Modelling the dynamic of canopy development in APSIM wheat

Dr Bangyou Zheng

The potential of using LAI time series to predict plant available water capacity (PAWC) of soils

Dr Di He

1200 – 1215

Optimum sowing window to maximise canola yield in Western Australia

Dr Imma Farre

Re-engineering soil pH profiles to boost water use efficiency by wheat

Dr Gaus Azam

Short Oral Presentations

Evaluating wheat, barley and oats for early sowing under frost-prone field condition in Southern Australia

Dr Ariel Ferrante

Genetic opportunities in exploiting genotype × row spacing for rainfed wheat

Dr Greg Rebetzke

Management of early sown wheat: Evaluation of G x E x M interactions to increase harvest index and yield of early sown wheat

Dr Kenton Porker

Predicting soil water holding capacity from climate and crop yield

Dr Enli Wang

1215 – 1230

Short Oral Presentations

Precision planting in canola and lentil

A/Prof Glenn McDonald

Frost response in lentil. Part 1 – Measuring the impacts on yield and quality

Audrey Delahunty

Frost Response in Lentils. Part 2. Detecting early frost damage using proximal sensing

Dr Eileen Perry

Short Oral Presentations

Identifying potential areas of subsoil P and K deficiencies in Western Australia

Dr Andreas Neuhaus

Guidelines for organic amendment experiments to enable attribution of yield to plant nutrition or soil amelioration

Dr Corinne Celestina

Nitrogen fluxes in dairy farm soils in response to fertilizer or “urine”

Dr Michael Heaven

Short Oral Presentations

Screening lentil varieties for adaptation to waterlogging

Dr Lachlan Lake

Growth and quality of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in response to irrigation treatments

Induni Kumar

Can genotypic differences in wheat root growth aid in suppression of competing weeds?

Pieter-Willem Hendriks



Short Oral Presentations

Extraction of phenotypic traits using unmanned aerial vehicle for field experiments in the agronomy and crop breeding

Dr Bangyou Zheng

Using machine learning to sharpen agronomic insights to improve decision making in Australian cotton systems

Dr Kavina Dayal

1230 – 1330

Lunch in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

Concurrent Session 5 – Crop Agronomy

Civic Theatre

Concurrent Session 6 – Soil Management and Constraints

Civic Theatre, Upper Level

Concurrent Session 7 – Crop Physiology and Breeding

Historical Council Chambers

Concurrent Session 8 – Enabling and Disruptive Technologies

Playhouse Theatre

Session Chair Rohan Brill A/Prof. Roger Armstrong Dr Felicity Harris Dr Zvi Hochman
1330 – 1345

Learning from progressive wheat growers: a case-study for the Wheat Yield Content in Kansas, US

Dr Romulo Pisa Lollato

Addressing subsoil acidity in the field: Research update for a long-term experiment

Dr Guangdi Li

Impact of genotypic variations in transpiration rate on wheat yield

Dr Behnam Ababaei

Mapping rare and infrequent crops from space

Dr Franz Waldner

1345 – 1400

Management of Early Sown Wheat: How much rainfall is required for successful establishment

Genevieve Clarke

Understanding the amelioration processes of the subsoil application of amendments

Dr Iman Tahmasbian

Towards improved tolerance to soil Al in canola

Dr Bob French

Predicting summer rainfall in coastal NE Australia for improved farming practices in sugar cane

Dr Kavina Dayal

1400 – 1415

Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek) Varietal Evaluation for North-West Cambodian Lowland Rice Systems

Harry Campbell-Ross

Seeder-based approaches to mitigate the effects of sandy-soil constraints

Dr Jack Desbiolles & Dr James Barr

Linking wheat grain quality to environmental processes

Dr Garry O’Leary

Space-based monitoring of Australian paddock-scale crop yields

Dr Randall Donohue

1415 – 1430

Can allele variation at PPD1 and VRN1 gene loci predict flowering time in wheat?

Maxwell Bloomfield

Variable rate lime for cropping systems in the HRZ: an economic analysis

Dr Kirsten Barlow

Untangling and unifying adaptive and productivity traits in canola

Dr Harsh Raman

Monitoring Grain Production across the Australian Continent

Dr Roger Lawes

1430 – 1445

Key constraints to irrigated wheat yields in the southern Murray-Darling Basin

Sam North

Grid soil mapping to define the variability in multiple soil properties

Dr Kirsten Barlow

Modelling impact of climate and soil interactions on yield benefit from early vigour of wheat

Dr Zhigan Zhao

Crop yield estimation based on earth observation and meteorological-driven stress indices

Dr Yang Chen

1445 – 1500

Stem elongation Frost damage in Cereals in southern NSW

Danielle Malcolm

Short Oral Presentations

Field calibration of the capacitance soil moisture probes for Brown SodosolDr Oxana Belyaeva

Biological amelioration of subsoil acidity via excess anion uptake by wheat and canola

Zhe Weng

The effect of incubation on the behaviour of four nitrogen fertilisers in the presence of 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate

Brooke Kaveney

Short Oral Presentations

Geographic targeting of grain crop genotypes to environments using spatial data and multi-environment trial data analysisDr Marja Simpson

Impact of post-flowering heat stress on stay-green and grain development in wheat

Dr Najeeb Ullah

Stay-green associates with water soluble carbohydrates in oat

Prof Victor Sadras

Graincast: Near real time wheat yield forecasts for Australian growers and service providers

Dr Zvi Hochman

1500 – 1515

Quantifying sources of N inefficiency in Mediterranean semi-arid cropping systems

Niloufar Nasrollahi

Short Oral Presentations

Soil Compaction Survey and Sampling of Dairy Farms in the Goulburn Valley

Andrew Sneyd

Evaluating gypsum and polyacrylamide (PAM) use on irrigated pasture in northern Victoria

Andrew Sneyd

Effects of deep ripping on soil compaction and crop performance in Mallee sands

Brian Dzoma

Short Oral Presentations


Does root growth slow during fast stem and ear growth in wheat?

Dr Xiaoxi Li

Effect of sowing time on biomass production and partitioning into grain yield of pigeonpea genotypes (Cajanus cajan L.Millsp.)

Mahendraraj Sabampillai

Short Oral Presentations

What makes a ‘good’ seasonal forecast?: Delivering actionable climate outlooks for grains farming

Dr Patrick Mitchell

“Digital agriculture” helping farmers reduce impacts of cropping on the Great Barrier Reef

Dr Peter Thorburn

PAT: Accessible tools for precision agriculture data analysis

 Dr Rob Bramley

The use of computer simulation as a decision making tool to improve machinery set-up, usage and performance

Dr James Barr

1515 – 1530

Short Oral Presentations

Risks and rewards of growing pulse crops in the low rainfall Mallee cropping region

Michael Moodie

Quinoa in the Riverina

David Trodahl

Delayed harvest affects lentil quality grade

Richard Mould

Short Oral Presentations

Growers identify that knowledge and confidence in soil management and agronomic decisions are major constraints to productivity improvement and increased profitability in the higher rainfall areas of Western Australia

Glenn McDonald

Organic amendments and lentil growth in Mallee soils

Mitchell Fromm

Short Oral Presentations

Competitive wheats: does more vigour early matter?

Dr Cathrine Ingvordsen

Dynamics of evaporation and transpiration in overhead sprinkler irrigation

Dr Jasim Uddin

Pollen fatty acid composition associated with heat tolerance of tropical rice

Charissa Rixon

1530 – 1600

Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

1700 – 2300

Conference Dinner & Young Agronomist Award & Fellowship of The Australian Society of Agronomy Inc

Donald Oration

Temora Aviation Museum

Coaches will depart from the Civic Theatre Wagga Wagga at 1700 SHARP.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

0730 – 1800


Civic Theatre Lawns

0800 – 0845 The Australian Society of Agronomy Inc. Annual General Meeting Breakfast
Civic Theatre

Plenary Session

Civic Theatre

Session Chair
0900 – 0945

Use of phenomics tools for decision support in the context of digital agronomy

Jose Jimenez-Berni (Berni), Research Scientist, The Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAS) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Cordoba (Spain)

0945 – 1030

Crop simulation for farming systems: from phenotype to farm

Dr Julianne Lilley, Group Leader, Soil and Plant Modelling, CSIRO Agriculture and Food

1030 – 1040

Book Launch

Professor James Pratley, Research Professor of Agriculture, School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences, Charles Sturt University

1040 – 1110

Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

Concurrent Session 9 – Crop Physiology and Breeding

Civic Theatre

Concurrent Session 10 – Crop Agronomy

Civic Theatre, Upper Level

Concurrent Session 11 – Weeds, Pests & Diseases

Historical Council Chambers

Concurrent Session 12 – Pasture Management

Council Meeting Room

Session Chair Dr James Hunt Prof. James Pratley Dr Aaron Preston Dr Jeff McCormick
1110 – 1125

Canola yield and its association with phenological, architectural and physiological traits across the rainfall zones of southwestern Australia

Dr Heping Zhang

Management and environment dictate tillering in grain sorghum, in combination with geneticsag

Loretta Serafin

Increasing wheat sowing rates can reduce winter weed numbers in a cotton-wheat rotation

A/Prof Daniel Tan

Persistence of annual and perennial legumes 12 years after sowing in the Monaro region of New South Wales

Dr Belinda Hackney

1125 – 1140

Improving low-temperature tolerance in rice

Christopher Proud

A systems agronomy for sorghum in the Northern Grains Region

Dr Daniel Rodriguez

Breeding of weed competitive wheat

Dr Cathrine Ingvordsen

‘Neptune’, the world’s first messina (Melilotus siculus) cultivar, an annual pasture legume for saline soils prone to winter waterlogging

Bradley Wintle

1140 – 1155

Traits of importance for aerobic rice

Dr Jaquie Mitchell

Practising precision I: A basis for making precision pay

Jonathan Medway

The extent of herbicide resistance in rice crops of southern New South Wales

Dr John Broster

Paddock scale modelling and mapping of dry matter yield using UAV derived datasets: A case from dairy farming systems in Victoria

Dr Senani Karunaratne

1155 – 1210

Winter sown sorghum and maize cropping systems

Dr Joseph Eyre

Practising precision II: Making precision pay

 Peter McInerney

Weed resistance and management in high break crop intensity rotations

Dr Navneet Aggarwal

 Flowering time responses of serradella cultivars

Richard Simpson

1210 – 1225

Heat impact on yield components of fertile primary tillers in wheat can inform crop modelling for future climates

Dr Karine Chenu

Short Oral Presentations

Horses for courses – benefits of adjusting canola sowing date and phenology choice based on fallow and in-crop rainfall

Rohan Brill

Drivers of system water use efficiency in cropping systems of Australia’s northern grains zone

Dr Lindsay Bell

Effect of sowing time, sowing rate and soil water regime on yield, water use efficiency and soil water dynamics of faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Dr Ketema Zeleke

Short Oral Presentations

Progress in breeding for Crown Rust (Puccinia coronata f. sp. lolii) resistance in Perennial ryegrasses

Chantelle Webb

Lesion and sclerotia development in four pulse species when inoculated with different isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Grace Lamont

Herbicide residues from summer spraying: Are they an issue for crop growth?

Dr Courtney Peirce

Short Oral Presentations

The role of indeterminate growth, rooting depth and maturity time in establishing a legume seedbank under drought conditions

Dr Belinda Hackney

Soil nitrogen: can pasture yields be increased by capitalising on seasonal trends in mineralisation and immobilisation?

Dr Matthew Harrison

Between genotype variation of lucerne (Medicago) in grazing preference by sheep

Dr Meredith Mitchell

1225 – 1240

Chickpea yield potential in cool conditions – making the most of early flowers

Dr Neroli Graham

Short Oral Presentations


Importance of different plant traits for dual-purpose cereal dry matter production and grain recovery in southern NSW

Dr Mehrshad Barary

When to Irrigate? – Estimating Soil Water in Cotton

Dr Rose Brodrick

Short Oral Presentations

Management of field peas to reduce Ascochyta blight and maximise yield

Dr Sarita Bennett

Impact of late season heat stress on the phenology and reproductive biology of Avena sterilis ssp. ludoviciana

Mohammad Ali

Weeds present in rice crops of southern New South Wales

Allison Chambers

Short Oral Presentations

Shoot and perennial organ yields of lucerne genotypes of three fall dormancy levels over five years

Sarah Hoppen

An alternative method of managing perennial ryegrass for greater persistence

David Phelps

Banded application improves the recovery of phosphorus fertiliser in a temperate pasture sward containing red clover

Jonathan McLachlan

1240 – 1330 Lunch in the Exhibition AreaCivic Theatre Lawns

Concurrent Session 13 – Crop Physiology and Breeding

Civic Theatre

Concurrent Session 14 – Enabling and Disruptive Technologies

Civic Theatre, Upper Level

Concurrent Session 15 – Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Historical Council Chambers

Concurrent Session 16 – Pasture Management

Council Chambers Meeting Room

Session Chair Dr Garry O’Leary Prof. Daniel Rodriguez Dr John Broster Dr Shawn McGrath
1330 – 1345

Genetic mapping of flowering time in two interspecific RIL populations of chickpea

Dr Rosy Raman

Online Farm Trials (OFT) – the past, present and future

Dr Nathan Robinson

Diversity for redlegged earth mite cotyledon resistance within subterranean clover and annual medics

Bradley Wintle

Poor pasture management results in Australian horse owners using expensive daily supplementary feeding

Claudia Macleay

1345 – 1400

Comparing genotypic variation in wheat in response to transient waterlogging in alkaline sodic soils

Dr Shihab Uddin

Proximal sensing technologies on soils and plants in the Eyre Peninsula

Dr Fabio Arsego

Sensitivity of lentil genotypes to photosynthesis-inhibiting (Group C) herbicides

Mitchell Fromm

Effect of rate and placement of phosphorus on vetch performance

Brian Dzoma

1400 – 1415

Can we close crop yield gaps in Australia?

Dr Zvi Hochman

Identifying within-season cotton crop nitrogen status using multispectral imagery

Dr Patrick Filippi

Pasture legumes offer promise to control barnyard grass in delayed permanent water systems in rice

Jhoana Opena

Liming changes more than pH – A field study on wheat and pasture species

Daniel Kidd

1415 – 1430

Using high-throughput phenotyping and genome wide association study (GWAS) techniques to identify molecular markers for transpiration efficiency in wheat

Andrew Fletcher

Development of a pest identification mobile phone application for mungbean in Cambodia

Isabel Hinchcliffe

A field method to assist selection of wheat varieties best suited to local soils may be the best strategy for mitigating waterlogging risk

Sam North

Identifying the causes of unreliable nitrogen fixation by strand medic (Medicago littoralis) based pastures

Fiona Tomney

1430 – 1445

Sample size is critical when exploring the grain set in wheat cultivars grown under frost-prone field conditions in Western Australia

Brenton Leske

Short Oral Presentations

Improving the FAIRness of Australia’s grains research sector data

Dr Nathan Robinson

Adaptive digital tools for nutrient management: utilising satellite data, modelling and sparse ground truthing

Dr Ben Jones

Canopeo, a new mobile device application with potential to measure seed colour change in canola

Rick Graham

The Soil Tech Project – Translating soil science into digital soil management tools for agronomists and land managers

Andrea Koch 

Potential of forage brassicas as break crops in mixed farming systems

Lucy Watt

1445 – 1500

Short Oral Presentations

In-Field Differentiation of Frost and Heat Stress in Wheat

Alexander Clancy



Short Oral Presentations

A robust and rapid pollen viability test using impedance flow cytometry for high throughput screening of heat tolerant wheat (Triticum aestivum) germplasm

Dr Anowarul Bokshi

Mapping cotton fields using phenology-based metrics derived from a time series of Landsat imagery

Dhahi Al-Shammari

Evidence of nutrient, not soil pH, stratification in pasture soils in the Australian Capital Territory

Dr Belinda Hackney

Short Oral Presentations

Differences in subsoil P acquisition by two subterranean clover cultivars in a P deficient soil

Jonathan McLachlan

Optimisation of perennial ryegrass, white clover and plantain mixtures for maximum dry matter yield in an intensive pasture system

Thinzar Soe Myint

Modelling Phenological Development of Regrowth Lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) Using APSIMX

Xiumei Yang

1500 – 1530

Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

Concurrent Session 17 – Crop Physiology and Breeding

Civic Theatre

Concurrent Session 18 – Enabling and Disruptive Technologies 

Civic Theatre, Upper Level

Concurrent Session 19 – Soil Management and Constraints

Historical Council Chambers

Concurrent Session 20 – Crops and Climate

Council Meeting Room

Session Chair Prof. Victor Sadras Dr Roger Lawes Dr Mark Norton & Deb Slinger Dr Greg Rebetzke
1530 – 1545

Comparative yield physiology of spring and winter wheat in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment

David Cann

Making more informed sensor decisions for better farm management

A/Prof Glenn Fitzgerald

Ripping Mallee soils, what are the production benefits?

Kate Finger

Design and performance of unique field chamber and CO2 control system for the investigation of biological impacts on wheats grown under fluctuating CO2

Dr Mahabubur Mollah

1545 – 1600

Can 15N- isotopic methods be used to estimate plant associated nitrogen fixation in hybrid perennial sorghum?

Matthew Newell

AgScore – An agricultural perspective on climate model skill

Dr Jaclyn Brown

Short Oral Presentations

Effect of phosphorus fertiliser at sowing on canola (Brassica napus L.) yield responses under waterlogged conditions

Dr Dilnee Suraweera

Effects of in-crop nitrogen application on grain yield of wheat under waterlogged conditions

Dr Dilnee Suraweera

Can N mitigate adverse effects of elevated temperature in wheat?

Dr Mariano Cossani

1600 – 1615

Management of early sown wheat: Development patterns of early sown wheat cultivars in the Mid-North of South Australia

Dylan Bruce

Weather Together – Building the weather forecasts farmers want

Dr Jaclyn Brown

Agriculture and Society

Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg) – a New Industry Accreditation Scheme for Professionals in Australian Agriculture

Dr Turlough Guerin

Quantifying the effects of chilling temperatures during the reproductive stage on yield of chickpea

Dr Muhuddin Anwar

1615 – 1630

Effect of sowing date on phenology, plant morphology and yield components in linseed grown in northern NSW in 2015

Kathi Hertel

Coupling Fused High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Remote Sensing Data and Crop Modelling to Predict Field-Scale Yield

Yuval Sadeh

Indigenous students do not choose agriculture at University

Prof Jim Pratley

Agronomic advice in a variable climate; chess, poker or the pokies?

Dr Peter Hayman

1630 – 1645

What drives the yield gap between durum and bread wheat?

Melissa McCallum

Crop Livestock Enterprise Model (CLEM) – a tool to support decision-making at the whole-farm scale

Dr Elizabeth Meier

International student education in Australia – is agriculture gaining its fair share?

Prof Jim Pratley

Interactive effect of elevated CO2 and supplemental N on above- and belowground growth and water use of dryland wheat

Dr Shihab Uddin

1645 – 1700

Components of yield in winter and spring canola types in the HRZ of southern Australia

Penny Riffkin

Financial risk profiles for dryland cotton by APSIM-Ozcot & @Risk

Dr Sosheel Godfrey

Short Oral Presentations

Analysis of the Vegetable Value Chain and Gender Roles in Vegetable Production in North-west Cambodia

Rebecca Fong

Assessment of the pesticide residues in vegetables in the Inle Lake region in Myanmar

A/Prof Daniel Tan

Short Oral Presentations

Metabolic responses relating to changes in N2 fixation of lentil (Lens culinaris MEDIK.) under contrasting growing seasons in a Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) facility

Dr Shahnaj Parvin

Head rice yield of rice varieties in response to water deficit during reproductive stage and aerobic conditions

Ohnmar Myint

Mitigating the effects of high temperature on leaf net photosynthetic rate and grain yield by spraying two reagents

Prof. Youhong Song

1700 – 1800

Howard Oration & Drinks

Civic Theatre & Civic Theatre Lawns

Wednesday 28 August 2019

0800 – 0830 Field Trip Briefing
Civic Theatre 
0830 – 1700

Field Trips

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Thursday 29 August 2019

0800 – 1730


Civic Theatre Lawns

Plenary Session

Civic Theatre

Session Chair
0900 – 0945 Farmer Q & A Panel
0945 – 1030

The chickpea breeding challenge: tools and techniques to deliver varieties for an Australian pulse revolution

Dr Kristy Hobson, National Chickpea Breeder & leader of the Pulse Breeding Australia Chickpea Program, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

1030 – 1100

Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

Concurrent Session 21 – Soil Management and Constraints

Civic Theatre

Concurrent Session 22 – Cropping Systems

Civic Theatre, Upper Level

Concurrent Session 23 – Crop Nutrition

Historical Council Chambers

Concurrent Session 24 – Crops and Climate 

Council Chambers Meeting Room

Session Chair Dr Guangdi Li Dr Lindsay Bell Dr Robert Norton Dr Lachlan Lake
1100 – 1115

Mind the Gap: targeting profile amelioration in Southern region sandy soils

Dr Lynne Macdonald

Simulating the efficiency and resilience of diverse crop sequences in Australia’s subtropical cropping zone

Dr Lindsay Bell

Critical Colwell P values for wheat and canola in the high rainfall

Dr Malcolm McCaskill

The spatial response of water-limited wheat yield to historical climate change across Western Australia since 1900

Dr Chao Chen

1115 – 1130

Constraints to nodulation and N2 fixation of pulses on acid soils of the south-east Australian high rainfall zone

Dr Mark Norton

Changes in Fusarium crown rot incidence in continuous wheat sequences in the low rainfall WA wheatbelt

Dr Bob French

Impact of intercropping soybean and sorghum on biomass production and nutrient use efficiency in a vertosol soil

Dr Richard Flavel

Use of seasonal forecasts for guiding early season decisions in Australian cotton systems

Dr Christopher Nunn

1130 – 1145

Long term impacts on productivity and soil quality following amelioration of sandy soils

Dr Melissa Fraser

Deep soil water-use determines the yield benefit of long cycle wheat

Dr Bonnie Flohr

Time of Sowing effects on Phosphorus Requirements of two different wheat varieties

Dr Sean Mason

Establishing a value proposition for future traits in a climate-changing world

Dr Greg Rebetzke

1145 – 1200

A novel approach to map the depth to soil constraints in 3D – a useful tool for understanding yield variability

Dr Patrick Filippi

Intercropping increases productivity in the South Australian Mallee

Dr Penny Roberts

Short Oral Presentations

Increasing grain protein with delayed applications of fertiliser nitrogen

Jeremy Curry

Fertiliser N and P rates can be halved in sugar beet through bacterial inoculation

Dr Hamid Hatami

Improved auxin level at panicle initiation stage enhance the heat stress tolerance in rice plants

Dr Naeem Sarwar

Recent research into the effects of climate change and extreme weather events on Australian cotton systems

Dr Katie Broughton

1200 – 1215

Low-risk management strategies for crop production on water repellent sands

Dr Nigel Wilhelm

Net water benefit of Cover crops in Northern grains production. -Farming water with ground cover

Andrew Erbacher

Short Oral Presentations


Improving Nitrogen Use Efficacy (NUE) in the High Rainfall Zone (HRZ) of South Western Victoria

Stephen O’Connor

Litterbag decomposition and nutrient change study of poultry litter

Anika Molesworth








Short Oral Presentations

Future climate change increases canola productivity and water use efficiency in the rainfed cropping systems in Southern Australia

Dr Hongtao Xing

The impact of future climate change on N contribution of legume fixed N to the subsequent crop in the rainfed cropping systems in Southern Australia

Dr Hongtao Xing

Considering seasonal risk is valuable for improving enterprise mix decisions

Dr Therese McBeath

1215 – 1230

Improving yield on sodic soil: assessing the value of genetic improvement

Dr Rhiannon Schilling

Short Oral Presentations

Stubble load increases frost severity, duration and damage in frost-prone landscapes in Southern and Western Australia

Dr Ben Biddulph

Profitable management packages for canola

Dr Elizabeth Meier

Impact of crop type and sequence on soil water accumulation and use in farming systems

Andrew Erbacher

Short Oral Presentations

Analysis of historic rainfall characteristics for robust wheat cropping in North Anhui

Prof. Youhong Song

Evaporative protection in wheat

Dr James Nuttall

Silicon mitigates drought stress in lentil through enhancing photosynthetic activity and yield related traits

Sajitha Biju

1230 – 1330

Lunch in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

Concurrent Session 25 – Soil Management and Constraints

Civic Theatre

Concurrent Session 26 – Cropping Systems

Civic Theatre, Upper Level

Concurrent Session 27 – Crop Nutrition

Historical Council Chambers

Concurrent Session 28 – Crops and Climate 

Council Chambers Meeting Room

Session Chair Helen Burns Graeme Sandral Dr John Angus Dr Matthew Harrison
1330 – 1345

Comparing strategic deep tillage options on soil constraint removal and crop performance across two soil types in Western Australia

Dr Stephen Davies

Acid tolerant rhizobia for faba bean grown in south western Victoria

Frank Henry

Potential greenhouse gas savings from balanced fertilisation

Prof Graeme Blair

Manipulation of sowing time and variety to manage abiotic stress risk and maximise yield in lentil and faba bean

Dr Lachlan Lake

1345 – 1400

Reduced frost damage on crops after strategic deep tillage – evidence from field experiments in Western Australia

Giacomo Betti

The impact of different farming systems on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium inputs and use

Jonathan Baird

Benefits to wheat and canola from upfront nitrogen fertiliser even when following a legume

Dr Therese McBeath

1400 – 1415

Soil wetting agents used to manage water repellence can benefit crops for more than one season though highest yields result from annual applications

Glenn McDonald

Frontiers of farm productivity: using more of the soil and more of the season

Dr John Kirkegaard

Mid-row banding urea: effect on NUE and productivity in wheat and canola

Ashley Wallace

1415 – 1430

Agronomic options to overcome soil water repellence improve crop performance regardless of sowing conditions

Glenn McDonald

Yield benefits of fallow to high value crops

Katherine Dunsford

More Profit from Nitrogen Program: delivering cross-sector collaboration in NUE research

Marguerite White

1430 – 1445

Deep ripping: an effective first step to lift productivity on deep sands in the Victorian Mallee?

Michael Moodie

A systems approach to break crop selection in low rainfall environments

Sarah Day

Short Oral Presentations

Crop response to deep placement of phosphorus in a Vertosol soil in the Northern Grains Region of NSW

Tendo Mukasa Mugerwa

Effect of co-application of phosphorus and potassium fertilisers on phosphorus uptake by Mungbeans

Kyin Kyin Htwe

Pulse Phosphorus requirements and impacts on Nitrogen fixation

Dr Sean Mason

1445 – 1500

A Journey in the Application of Research into Subsoil Manuring in the High Rainfall Zone of Victoria

Robert Binks

Short Oral Presentations

Impact of crop species and crop sequencing on nematode, crown rot and common root rot inoculum loads

Dr Jeremy Whish


Short Oral Presentations

The effectiveness of alternative sources of fertilizer sulfur for plants

Prof Graeme Blair


Nitrogen supply, rotation and variety are critical predictors of the yield gap in grower’s paddocks in Victoria

A/Prof Roger Armstrong

1500 – 1530

Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition Area

Civic Theatre Lawns

Plenary Session 

Civic Theatre

Session Chair
1530 – 1550 Conference Highlights
1550 – 1610 Conference Close & 2021 Conference
Conference Close


The Australian Society of Agronomy is the professional body for agronomists in Australia. It has approximately 500 active members drawn from government, universities, research organisations and the private sector.

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