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08:00 Field Trip briefing – Eureka Ballroom, Mercure Ballarat
08:30 Coach departure from Mercure Ballarat to Goldacres
Arrive Goldacres for a factory Tour
Depart Goldacres for PGG Research Farm
Arrive PGG Research Farm for a site visit
Depart PGG Research Farm for Narmbool
Arrive Narmbool for a site visit and lunch
Depart Namrbool for Ballan
Arrive Ballan for a site visit (Commercial scale subsoil manuring)
Depart Ballan for Mercure Ballarat
15:30 Arrive Mercure Ballarat

Farm Biosecurity

Take a few moments to watch the following video on Farm Biosecurity.

Help to keep our crops and livestock free from disease, pests and weeds.

What to Bring

  • Warm / waterproof jacket
  • Hat
  • Long pants
  • Closed toe, sturdy footwear

Sunscreen, disposable boot covers, disposable gloves and farm biosecurity essentials will be provided on board the coaches.


From its inception nearly four decades ago, Goldacres has prospered by constantly reinventing its products and business practices in this fast changing landscape that’s modern farming. Our philosophy is simple.

“To put farmers in the driver’s seat of best fit technology to make them outstanding in their field”

Our sprayers are proudly built right here in Australia by a team of dedicated staff, turning ideas into reality and delivering sprayers which are truly “Australia’s world class sprayers”.

We are driven by four core values, innovation, uncompromising quality, adaptability and lastly, being courageous. These four values have led Goldacres on a journey to where we are today, offering customer based spraying solutions that take them forward with complete confidence.

Goldacres is a unique business and is currently the only Australian manufacturer to produce a full range of sprayers from 12 volt through to self-propelled. The company consists of two manufacturing plants; St Arnaud producing products from 12 volt, tray mount, 3pl and tailing sprayers up to 3000L and the Ballarat plant manufacturing trailing machines 4000L – 8500L and a full line up of self-propelled sprayers from 3000L to 8000L. Goldacres has a very strong engineering background that enables our company to constantly develop products in line with our customer’s needs.

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PGG Wrightson Seeds

PGG Wrightson Seeds has been in the Australian forage seed business since 1938 and introduced the first proprietary cultivar into Australia in 1987. Since this time PGG have proudly led the development of improved pasture plant genetics in this country.

The tour will start in the office for a short presentation introducing the research farm and summarizing the key findings from recent trials, followed by a walk over the plot trials including nitrogen response rate variation between perennial ryegrasses of different genetic origin, annual and italian ryegrass optimum sowing rate and also the PPG breeding and evaluation trial plots.


Duncan Thomas

Regional Research Agronomist

PGG Wrightson Seeds

PGG Wrightson Seeds

Narmbool Sovereign Hill

Narmbool is a 2,000 hectare property just outside Elaine that, depending on the time of year, has between 10,000 – 13,000 cross bred sheep bred for both medium grade fleeces and wholesale lamb production. The property also contains an historic Homestead and formal gardens, a function centre which hosts High Tea’s, Weddings and conferences and 72 bed Environmental Discovery Camp for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary students.

Approximately 90% of Narmbool’s 2,000 hectares was affected by the 2015 Scotsburn Bushfire which swept through the property from the Northwest damaging significant areas of remnant native bushland, pastoral grazing land and farming infrastructure. Peter Rooney, Narmbool Farm manager will discuss the immediate and short term impact of the fire, the recovery process the property has been through and what foreseeable impact that will have in the longer term.

Contact can be made with Damon Minotti, Manager Education and Operations at Narmbool if there are specific questions or details that wish to be asked or discussed with Peter.


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The practice of subsoil manuring is now transitioning into its next phase of practice change in the high rainfall zone of Southern Australia. It is a practice that involves the placement of large volumes of nitrogen rich organic manures within the dense clay matrix of subsoils. These soils generally have low macro-porosity (around 5%) and are often sodic (generally higher than 10% exchangeable sodium) and are therefore dispersive. The practice, over time, leads to the breakdown of the heavy structural units of soil into smaller aggregates. The process appears to be driven by soil microbial activity assisted by root-soil-microbial interactions. Work conducted since 2003 has generated the evidence that this practice has the potential to almost double the grain yields in the HRZ  of Southern Australia through the creation of extra plant available water capacity in these hostile clay subsoils. The capture, storage and use of extra water more efficiently has been the key to productivity gains through this practice in a region where soil water deficit during grain filling has been a frequent phenomenon.
The final visit of the tour will be meeting Dr Renick Peries at Yaloak Estate to see the largest commercial scale sub soil manuring operation where 800ha have currently been treated. Farm manager David Watson will be discussing the process and results from a practical point of view while Renick discusses the more scientific detail.

Dr Renick Peries
Land Management Extension Officer | Grains
Agricultural Services and Biosecurity Operations
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Agronomy - Agriculture Victoria


The Australian Society of Agronomy is the professional body for agronomists in Australia. It has approximately 500 active members drawn from government, universities, research organisations and the private sector.

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