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Charles Sturt University 

With campuses in some of the country’s best regional centres — combining urban convenience with access to incredible wilderness, and a lower cost of living — Charles Sturt University is Australia’s largest regional university. Study by the beach, among the gum trees or in the heart of the city.

At CSU, you’re part of a tight-knit community. We welcome students from across the country and the globe so you’ll collaborate and connect with creative thinkers from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds – all committed to making a difference in their chosen fields.

Together, let’s create a world worth living in.

NSW Department of Primary Industries 

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) plays a key role in driving economic growth and increasing the value of primary industries in NSW.

DPI is responsible for increasing the productivity and resilience of the agricultural sector. It does this through agricultural productivity research across livestock, plants and natural resource management areas, as well as providing education and training. DPI Agriculture also delivery rural support and community development services through the NSW Rural Assistance Authority.

Grains Research and Development Corporation

The grains industry plays a vital role in Australia’s economy, representing 24 percent of total agricultural exports.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) supports the industry through investing in research, development and extension (RD&E) to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.

The GRDC invests over $198 million in around 700 RD&E initiatives to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers across a broad range of research areas – from molecular biology to farming systems. Within their carefully balanced portfolio is a range of investments, from long-term, high risk, ‘blue sky’ research to short-term, outcome-focused applied research at the local level. The GRDC’s investments deliver results and aim to continually break new ground for growers.

GRDC is working to ensure Australian grain growers have:

*better practices, developed faster

*access to superior varieties that enable them to effectively compete in global markets

*new products and services (both on and off farm) to assist growers to effectively compete in global grain markets

*the awareness and capacity to optimise adoption of grains research outputs.

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2019 Agronomy - Nutrient Advantage

Nutrient Advantage is a major provider of soil, plant and water analytical services in Australia. This assists advisors to identify the most cost effective nutrient solution to help growers optimise their productivity.  It encompasses a range of key services and functions specific to meeting the needs of customers and growers in Australian agriculture and horticulture.

Nutrient Advantage encompasses:

The Nutrient Advantage Laboratory – A NATA-accredited laboratory equipped to handle in excess of 100,000 soil, plant and water samples a year.

Nutrient Advantage Pro – Advisory software to assist with the interpretation of soil, plant & tissue sample results and development of nutrient recommendations.

LabSTREAM – Mobile app allows agronomists to register soil and plant tissue samples with their phone or tablet when they are being taken, rather than back at the office later.

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2019 Agronomy - Riverina Local Land Services Logo

Riverina Local Land Services

Local Land Services helps farmers grow farming knowledge through advice, information, training and networking opportunities. Better informed decisions help farmers balance production, profit and sustainability.

Our staff are technical experts who can help you with agricultural production, biosecurity, natural resource management and during emergencies.

Our programs support you with information, networks and resources to help you:

  • improve your agricultural productivity
  • control declared pests and meet your legal obligations
  • maintain market confidence in our ‘clean and green’ agricultural products
  • manage and improve our natural resources.

The Riverina Local Land Services region stretches from Harden in the east, to Hay in the west, Hillston in the north and Lockhart in the south.

Visit or search Riverina LLS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date or get in touch!

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Soil CRC

 The CRC for High Performance Soils (Soil CRC) is bringing together scientists, industry and farmers to find practical solutions for Australia’s underperforming soils. The Soil CRC aims to enable farmers to increase their productivity and profitability by providing them with knowledge and tools to improve the performance of their soils.

It is the biggest collaborative soil research effort in Australia’s history, with 39 Participants contributing to the Soil CRC through both cash and in-kind contributions. The Soil CRC coordinates research across a range of disciplines including social science, economics, biology, chemistry, agronomy and soil science. It has funding until 2027.

Through its soil research and innovation program, the Soil CRC will develop new solutions that will unlock the potential of Australia’s agricultural sector. It will address the billions of dollars in lost opportunity experienced by farmers and regional communities due to infertile and underperforming soils.

The Soil CRC will deliver

  • New mechanisms for financially rewarding management of high performance soils.
  • New integrated soil management solutions that provide greater precision for farmers.
  • New ways to measure the performance of soils.
  • New advanced and innovative products to increase soil fertility and function.

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Precision Agriculture

As the leading provider of precision agriculture services, we aim to improve our customers’ productivity and profitability through better, more informed management decisions.

It’s all about data, insight and action. Whether it’s on-farm, for industry or government we collect, measure and interpret data to find opportunities for technology to deliver savings and unlock potential. We provide practical assistance and support to apply our findings to the real world.

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The AW Howard Memorial Trust

The AW Howard Memorial Trust was established by the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science in 1964 to recognise the work of Amos William Howard in encouraging the use of subterranean clover in Australia’s pastures and cereal rotations. The Trust promotes research and investigation into the development, management and use of pastures. It awards the Howard Medal. It supports travel grants to attend conferences, provides fellowship stipends for students holding Australian Post-graduate Awards or similar, sponsors travel study grants for advisers and pastoralists and supports grants-in-aid. The Trust has awarded more than 300 grants since 1967. More details are at


Telstra Business Technology Centre NSW Southern & Central is a supercharged and united team, providing both small & large businesses access to cutting-edge technology and ongoing support. As businesses grow and adapt to an ever changing environment, they are actively seeking new integrated ICT solutions and consequently, looking for expert advice and a deeper strategic relationship. With the technology needs of business changing almost daily, we’re also changing the way we support you. We offer whole-of-business solutions ranging from account management for fixed line, mobiles and business grade internet through to phone systems, data networks, productivity apps, cloud & managed ICT solutions and even digital marketing. Our goal at the Telstra Business Technology Centre NSW Southern & Central is to be your technology provider of choice while delivering superior customer experience. TBTC NSW Southern & Central is a family owned & operated business employing over 70 staff across NSW & ACT. Our expert team include Account Managers who understand your business and Business Technology Advisors who recommend innovative solutions to help you boost productivity, customer satisfaction and keep your business safe. TBTC NSW Southern & Central will help you manage & grow your business. Contact us for a review of your current telecommunications & technology services, and we’ll come to you.​

CSIRO Publishing

CSIRO Publishing is an editorially independent science publisher within the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Our internationally recognised program covers a wide range of disciplines, including agriculture, plant and animal sciences, chemistry, health and the environment. Our product range includes journals, books and magazines, in digital and print formats.

ICT International was founded in 1982 with the objective to provide environmental monitoring solutions focused on plant water use and soil moisture management.

Since then, ICT International has developed their own range of instruments that can be integrated into data logging systems to support critical decisions regarding crop management. Able to offer solutions that monitor soil, plant and climate variables, ICT International enable data capture across the landscape through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) networks. These technologies offer solutions addressing physiological and yield limitations of plants to water stress, ecosystem response to climate change and evaluate plant genetics.

ZÜRN provides a complete product portfolio of machines for field trials including plot headers, multifunctional tool carriers, seeders or fertiliser spreaders. As an owner-managed company, we strive to provide practical, customer-specific solutions and a straightforward support. With the support of Rolf Zürn, a team of former HEGE employees started to produce the first plot header in 2004. Built in the back of a John Deere workshop, the result was a simple and reliable machine with many standard or Deere parts. The portfolio grew over the years, as the experience and company did. Today, nearly 60 years on from the first HEGE unit, ZÜRN is again developing and manufacturing machines at the historical site in Hohebuch, Germany. We brought the first plot header to Australia in 2012, and today there are machines in all states on Mainland Australia.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, HarvestMaster products significantly improve efficiency and data accuracy for agricultural research applications. HarvestMaster GrainGages collect high-accuracy grain measurement data on a wide variety of crops, while HarvestMaster’s ultra-rugged tablet and Mirus software makes data viewing easy and accessible.

GRDC Communities brings together the country’s pre-eminent crop nutrition and pathology experts to share information, knowledge and resources on best practice crop nutrition and disease management. GRDC Communities provides access to the most relevant, timely and credible information to grain growers, advisors, industry and technical experts using an online platform. The GRDC Community platform provides a place where grain growers and their advisors go for information and access to industry and technical experts on issues that are relevant and important to them. GRDC Communities fosters an environment where practitioners and experts collaborate across organisations, state borders, and areas of expertise, to discuss, develop, exchange and publish information that is important to the Australian grains industry and utilises an integrated online platform

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Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is Australia’s largest plant breeding company, and the market leader in wheat genetics.

At AGT, we consider ourselves privileged to be able to serve Australian farmers and the world’s population by developing new field crop varieties that are more productive, better quality and/or cost less to grow. This is what drives our people. We want to see Australian farmers more prosperous, and the global population to be well nourished.

We have had some success over the years, and are now the leading provider of wheat varieties in Australia. We are also working hard at achieving the same for our other crops, barley, durum and lupins.

As a plant breeding research company, we get excited by new technology, innovation and scientific breakthroughs. Our talented and dedicated team use new mechanical solutions, robotics, computer science, GPS, tissue culture, and the latest biological and genetic theory on a daily basis. We are excited to see scientific concepts transformed into real solutions that deliver value to Australian grain growers.

2019 Agronomy - Phosyn Analytical Logo

Phosyn Analytical is an Australian, independent and privately owned laboratory which turns plant tissue, soil and water analysis into results within 5 days to help you grow better crops.
The analysis of different sample types enables nutrients and other inputs to be accurately, efficiently and cost effectively applied. Furthermore and of significant importance, it also assists you to be proactive towards good environmental stewardship. Our key goals are to provide you with a fast, precise and understandable service supported by accessible back-up delivered in a professional manner.


The Australian Society of Agronomy is the professional body for agronomists in Australia. It has approximately 500 active members drawn from government, universities, research organisations and the private sector.

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